Our Team, Our Pride

With over 10 years of experience in this industry, we proudly boast we have the best team to handle all operations in a smooth manner. The roles and skills of our professionals differ from one another but they share the same objective of making company appear the strongest and sought-after producer of Ceramic Bathroom Items, Ceramic Kitchenware, Ceramic Gardenware, etc. It is because of their high performance that our brand has become most popular in Indian and Foreign markets.

Customer Retention Policies

To retain our clients for longer duration, we make sure quality based production, on-time delivery of orders, honest business dealings, appropriate feedback taking system and flexibility in payment modes. Additionally, we are providing relevant information about products, policies and procedures. In order to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, all the business dealings are takes place with complete honesty as we strongly believe that Honesty is the Best Policy.

Variety of Ceramic Items

There are various materials available in the market for making gardenware, kitchenware and other products but amongst all ceramic proves itself the best by adding functional excellence and attractive look to the spaces of users. We at DPS Enterprises are using this excellent material for creating not one but many types of products such as plates, flower pots, dispenser bottles, diffusers, bowls, candle holders and more. Our array of Ceramic Kitchenware, Ceramic Gardenware, Ceramic Bathroom Items and more is available in a variety of unique prints, designs, shapes, colors and dimensions. 

Why Invest In Zenica Ceramic Ware?

  • Our ceramic ware is durable and solid to serve for a longer time period.
  • Our ceramic ware is lightweight, do not stain and chemical resistant.
  • Our ceramic ware can be decomposed upon breaking harmlessly.